Did you know that 76% of adults age 50 and over have underestimated or don’t know their medical costs in retirement?1 We want to help you start to plan for what’s likely to be one of your biggest retirement expenses. Before watching this video, you may want to contact your pension system to gather information about health benefits offered to you in your retirement years.

This workshop aims to help you understand:

  • How health care costs can impact your retirement income
  • What Medicare covers and what costs you pay out-of-pocket
  • What planning options you can use to prepare for these expenses

If you would like a free personalized Health Care/LTC Cost Assessment from the Nationwide Retirement Institute, please complete this Health Care Fact Finder Form.

About the Presenter
Dave Harris serves as Vice President of the Nationwide Retirement Institute. He is a nationally recognized speaker on retirement issues and has dedicated his career to educating deferred comp participants about the latest in retirement income solutions.

Nationwide/Harris Poll "Health Care and Long-Term Care Study." Consumer study of 801 adults 50 and older, 2016