A benefit of your plan is you are automatically enrolled; you won’t need to go through a bunch of steps and screens to start the process. Of course, no action will be taken by us until you say it’s time.

When you are ready to start contributing, here’s all you have to do:

  • Set up your online account. You’ll need your account number, which you can get from your welcome letter or by calling us at 1-855-550-1757
  • Log in
  • Enter your contribution amount. You can get to the Change Contribution page from the drop-down menu
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There are IRS limits to the standard and catch-up deferrals you can make to your plan.

How much should I save from each check?

It comes down to "as much as you can." What you can afford.

What should you invest in?

Stocks, mutual funds, bonds & more – there are so many options. So much to understand.

How do you want to handle making investment decisions?

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Option 1: Do it myself

Check out your plan’s investment options before you enroll. Contact us if you have questions along the way.

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Option 2: Help me do it

Don’t want full control over selecting your investments but want a well-diversified portfolio? The plan automatically provides a target date fund that aligns with your retirement date. Also check out My Investment Planner for options that may fit your needs.

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Option 3: Do it for me

For a fee, a Nationwide ProAccount® professional picks investments for you and manages them over time, to help you stay on target with your goals. Learn more about Nationwide ProAccount.

Enrolling & investing videos

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Enroll in your plan

EZ Enrollment Form

Print the form
Complete the form online

Enrollment Form

Print the form
Complete the form online

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Already enrolled in a plan but don't yet have an online account?

Market risk

Investing involves market risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.

View fund performance

Investment selection options

Do it myself

Build your own portfolio by understanding your risk tolerance and your plan’s investment options & performance.

Go to My Investment Planner

Help me do it

Select an investment option that aligns with your investing personality (conservative, moderate, aggressive) or the year closest to when you hope to retire. Consider asset allocation funds or target date funds.

Asset allocation funds are available for conservative, moderate or aggressive investors.

Target date funds are a type of asset allocation fund that is rebalanced over time to become more conservative as retirement approaches.

Target date funds invest in a wide variety of underlying funds to help reduce investment risk. So, in addition to the expenses of the target date funds, you pay a proportionate share of the expenses of the underlying funds. Target date funds are designed for people who plan to withdraw funds during or near a specific year. Like other funds, target date funds are subject to market risk and loss. Loss of principal can occur at any time, including before, at or after the target date. There is no guarantee that target date funds will provide enough income for retirement.

Do it for me

Nationwide ProAccount® is a managed account service, available for an additional fee. Your investments are selected for you based on your age and risk tolerance, then monitored and adjusted over time to keep you on track toward your retirement goals. ProAccount includes:

  • Professional management from Wilshire Associates
  • Oversight by Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC
  • Quarterly statements
  • 24-hour phone support

Investment advice is provided by Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC (NIA), an SEC-registered investment adviser. NIA has retained Wilshire Associates Incorporated (Wilshire) as the Independent Financial Expert to make the investment decisions for the program. Wilshire is not an affiliate of Nationwide or NIA.

Learn more about Nationwide ProAccount